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Thoughts in no particular order...

***The home office is (mostly) done and I managed to get all the computers set up on a wireless router without too much hassle.

***That's a huge load off my back. I'm thrilled to finally have things set up the way I want them to be. If you ever saw my old set-up/working conditions, you'd laugh at how pathetic they were.

***Next step is to meet with some potential interns next week and to start storyboarding and doing final shot lists for FABLE.

***Music submissions are flooding in; there's some absolutely amazing things out there that people are sending me. thank you.

***I need someone to come in and help me sell/ebay some of the stuff I have -- prints, CDs, etc. I'll have to make a seperate post for that.

***Is it me or does Linkin' Park's "Shadow of the Day" sound an AWFUL lot like U2's 'with or Without You?"

***This heat sucks. Where's my kiddie pool filled with whiskey and women?

***Inspired by the new office area, Danielle and I are going to do her bedroom next. New bed, new wardrobe, new bookshelves. Sweet. Then it's on to my room, which is now the de facto storage area. At least it'll be a lot cooler without all the computer equipment running day and night in there.

***Got a email/comment on MySpace from Kabuki's David Mack the other day. Okay, I'll admit, I had a brief fanboy moment when I read it. David probably won't remember, but he and I spoke a handful of times way back in the mid-90s when I was running a tiny publishing studio and he was just starting Kabuki with Caliber. That was around the same time that I was following Brian Michael Bendis' work on AKA: GOLDFISH and JINX. Bendis actually called me at home one day to talk about one of my comics that I had asked him to write an intro for. I've always been a big fan of his, but who knew he'd go on to such comics super stardom.

***DEVILENGINE's been out for about 2 months now, but I haven't really had a chance to talk about it much or to gauge people's reactions. Anyone pick up a copy yet? I think AUTOPSYROTICA II is the next book; I'll know more when I see my publisher at Comic-con later this month.

***Comic-Con. fuck. So. Not. Ready. Sadly, I won't be in Artist Alley this year (they had to make some space cuts), so that's a little less work I need to do to prep, but there's still stuff to be done for my signing at the NBM booth. I should also prep some portfolios, although to be honest, I've got more work than I can handle as it is right now, so maybe not.

Okay, back in the hole. Be good.
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On July 9th, 2007 07:44 am (UTC), nadya_lev commented:

Not one of yours, is it? Looks like your older stuff! And it kind of looks like Malice? But this guy attributes the copyright to some Russin Nazi kid. LOL.
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On July 9th, 2007 03:06 pm (UTC), chadmichaelward replied:
Yeah, that'd be one of mine.
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